New US Casinos

The strict rules governing online gaming in the United States may make you a bit sceptical about new US casinos. Finding a friendly online casino in the United States has traditionally been a daunting task, even when the country hosts some of the most luxurious land-based casinos on the planet.

Online Gaming In US

Online gambling in the US is heavily restricted, to the point where in 2004, the Department of Defence sought to ban online casinos completely. The history of this opposition has seen major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, de-index online gaming sites in the US from their search results. However, in recent times, several states such as New Jersey and Delaware have begun to license new US casinos.

However, even where it is legal to play in US online casinos, there are still some restrictions. You must be over 21 years old to play in any US online casinos. The law also requires operators of the establishments to use geolocation technology, to ensure players outside a state such as New Jersey cannot play on the platform.

Games To Be Enjoyed

That said, new US casinos with valid licenses offer a variety of the top online games. Traditional games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Keno are all available, together with their many variants. Most of these games are powered by industry-leading technology developed by providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt. You are guaranteed the best graphics and experience when playing in online casinos, even in the face of such adversity.

Since Poker is one of the most popular games, with a rich cultural background, the chances are that you will be interested the various poker variants on offer too. Texas Hold’Em, Omaha Hold’Em Up, Razz and many other variants are all available for your enjoyment. Slots, of course, remain eternally popular, and you can now find all your favourites from classic to jackpot slots. You are sure to enjoy yourself in legitimate new US casinos when you sign up with.

Legitimate new US casinos exist online

Enjoy Online Wagering

The online gaming industry in the US, even in the face of considerable legal challenges, has developed into a mature industry. New US casinos offer an authentic gaming experience in states where online gaming is allowed. Moreover, in these states, you can wager your way to fortunes without worrying about the Internal Revenue Service latching on to your winnings. However, always make sure you check that the site you are playing on is licensed under state laws.